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A health center doctor will advise an acutely ill patient, prescribe a treatment, hospitalize if necessary, give the territorial polyclinic to the district doctor for observation, and help orient with the tactics of examination and treatment.

The implementation of the program of state guarantees in terms of medical care for citizens of the Russian Federation is entrusted to territorial / local policlinics, which in the compulsory health insurance system (hereinafter referred to as MMI) are basic outpatient clinics and are funded accordingly.

  • To receive outpatient medical care in the amount of state guarantees, it is necessary to choose a polyclinic (as a rule, this is the nearest polyclinic to your place of residence) and attach to it. To attach, you need to visit the clinic, present a valid policy and write an application addressed to the head physician with a request to attach to the service.
  • All students, who are citizens of the government, are insured under the program and are required to have a uniform policy in place. Students living in dormitories are recommended to attach to this clinic.

The petition to the Territorial Fund will be satisfied and the out-patient care center will receive the status of a basic polyclinic and appropriate funding, students of St. Petersburg State University will be notified about the possibility of attaching to the service directly to the student clinic of St. Petersburg State University. Preventive medical examinations at State University are conducted in a planned manner in accordance with a separately issued order. For the University Hospital this is the perfect.

Medical care for foreign students

In life-threatening situations, medical assistance to foreign citizens is provided by the ambulance service (telephone – 03), by any medical institution of the government, including health centers (during working hours). All further examination and treatment of foreign citizens studying at State University is carried out in the presence of a voluntary medical insurance policy as agreed with the insurance company.

Students living in hostels are obliged to provide the head of the hostel with a medical certificate (in any form) with obligatory marks of the general practitioner or general practitioner about the absence of contraindications for living in the dormitory and passing notes fluorography, with such a certificate should be issued no earlier than one month before the day of its submission.

To receive medical care under the policy, students can attach to any clinic (by place of residence, registration, etc.).

To attach to the clinic, you must:

Contact the insurance company to reregister a regional MHI policy to Moscow (if there is a Moscow MHI policy, you do not need to apply; students under 18 years of age must have a legal representative);

  • To apply with a passport and the OMS Moscow policy to the administration of the medical institution for attachment to the service.
  • In the same place, if desired, you can independently undergo a medical examination: 1 time in three years (from the age of 21) or preventive medical examination 1 time in 2 years (from the age of 19).
  • As an attached contingent, students can be served in Polyclinic (without calling a doctor at home), which previously provided our university with medical services in the student’s department.

5 Science-Based Benefits of MCT Oil

With one of the highest bioavailability rates in the world, MCT oil has been used for decades to treat a number of conditions related to food absorption and weight control. This fatty acid -commonly extracted from coconut oil- is particularly useful for anyone wanting to burn fat and get in shape without the negative side effects of pharmaceutical remedies.

However, middle-chain triglycerides are not only helpful to lose weight. They can be used as carrier oils for substances such as the widely-popular cannabidiol, as powerful antibacterials to prevent and treat infections, or as sources of readily-available energy before a demanding workout session.

Before you decide to purchase your supply of MCT oil -however- you must do some research and ensure that it is made using the right methods. Several companies add artificial additives or cheaper fillers to their products, reducing their effectivity and even causing undesirable effects in the worst cases. The best MCT oils are made from organic sources and contain high levels of ketones and components such as caproic and caprylic acids.

Now that you know how to tell a good and a bad MCT oil, the benefits are all yours to discover. The following five ways in which MCT oil can improve your health have been backed by several scientific studies and laboratory tests carried out in the United States.

1)   Controlling Weight and Reducing Fat

Especially popular among users engaging in ketogenic diets, MCT oil has the ability to promote fat burning and speed up the metabolic system. Ketogenic diets consist of consuming little carbohydrates and large amounts of ketones. This encourages the body to get its necessary energy from fat instead of glucose.

Because of its high absorption rates, MCT oils are used to provide the body with readily available energy and replace carbohydrates and glucose as sources of fuel. While cutting down on these foods is certainly beneficial to lose weight, doing so without a replacement source of energy can result in tiredness, sleepiness and a general lack of focus and concentration.

Unlike raw coconut oil, MCT extracts are able to bypass the digestive system and reach the bloodstream directly, providing noticeable results within minutes. In order to enhance its absorption, it is recommended to ingest MCT oil sublingually.

2)   Preventing Neurological Diseases.

While MCT oil has been used for almost a century as a treatment for patients of epilepsy, recent scientific studies have shown that this substance can be used to prevent a wider range of neurological conditions. The ketones present in medium-chain triglycerides are natural neuroprotectors which fight against different types of cell disorders.

Among the many diseases for which MCT has shown promising results, the most notable are Alzheimer´s and Parkinson´s. This fatty acid is also able to reduce the risk of strokes and brain injuries by providing the body with an extra reserve of neuronal energy sources.

Following recent changes in the legislation regarding the consumption of hemp-derived products, several companies in the United States have developed CBD MCT Oils which specifically target the treatments and prevention of neurological diseases. Combining the high bioavailability of MCT with the well-known mental health benefits of cannabidiol can be a natural answer to even the most serious neuropathies.

Customer reviews and scientific studies have shown that both MCT and CBD oil can be used as alternative treatments to treat the root causes of depression and other conditions such as stress and anxiety. While CBD acts through the endocannabinoid system, MCT does so by giving the brain additional energy to enhance its cognitive functions.

3)   Acting as an Effective Carrier Oil

While MCT oil has a wide range of scientifically-backed benefits on its own, its exceptional absorption properties make it the ideal carrier for other fatty substances. Perhaps CBD is again the best and most popular example. Cannabidiol can be easily mixed with middle-chain triglycerides, making it easy for the circulatory system to absorb it and rendering its effects fast-appearing and long-lasting.

Although many CBD companies in the United States offer MCT-infused hemp tinctures, others instead use raw coconut oil. Understanding the difference between these extracts is crucial to determine the quality of any CBD product you buy. While coconut oil contains a wide range of large-chain, medium-chain and long-chain triglycerides, MCT is separated using a technique called “fractionation”. The result is a substance with only medium-chain triglycerides, which are the only ones that can bypass the digestive system and be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

4)   Preventing Lactate Buildup and Enhancing Physical Resistance.

Athletes are perhaps the most well-known users of MCT oil. Apart from giving a boost of energy and promoting fat burn, this substance effectively reduces the levels of lactic acid that is produced during workout routines and can lead to soreness and muscle pain. When lactate reaches abnormal levels, your performance is impacted, and you eventually stop to prevent additional pain. Taking a dose of MCT before a workout routine can help you last longer and achieve better results.

Needless to say, MCTs´ condition of readily-available sources of energy make them the ideal boost of strength you need to complete your workout session and feel healthy and revitalized afterwards. Furthermore, the fatty acids present in middle-chain triglycerides can help speed up muscle growth, as they provide the body with extra intramuscular triglycerides. IMTGs are responsible of providing energy to the muscles, stimulating their growth by engaging into the muscle cell membranes.

5)   Fighting Back Bacteria and Viruses.

Several scientific studies have shown that MCT oil is a natural antimicrobial and antifungal agent that can be used to treat a wide range of infections. One of the most common yeasts causing infections in the mucous membranes of the human body -Candida Albicans- can be effectively eradicated by the regular consumption of middle-chain triglycerides.

High quality MCT oil contains caproic, capric and caprylic acids which are useful to kill a wide range of yeasts and bacteria. Pure MCT oil contains up to 20 times more capric acid than raw, unextracted coconut oil.