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A health center doctor will advise an acutely ill patient, prescribe a treatment, hospitalize if necessary, give the territorial polyclinic to the district doctor for observation, and help orient with the tactics of examination and treatment.

The implementation of the program of state guarantees in terms of medical care for citizens of the Russian Federation is entrusted to territorial / local policlinics, which in the compulsory health insurance system (hereinafter referred to as MMI) are basic outpatient clinics and are funded accordingly.

  • To receive outpatient medical care in the amount of state guarantees, it is necessary to choose a polyclinic (as a rule, this is the nearest polyclinic to your place of residence) and attach to it. To attach, you need to visit the clinic, present a valid policy and write an application addressed to the head physician with a request to attach to the service.
  • All students, who are citizens of the government, are insured under the program and are required to have a uniform policy in place. Students living in dormitories are recommended to attach to this clinic.

The petition to the Territorial Fund will be satisfied and the out-patient care center will receive the status of a basic polyclinic and appropriate funding, students of St. Petersburg State University will be notified about the possibility of attaching to the service directly to the student clinic of St. Petersburg State University. Preventive medical examinations at State University are conducted in a planned manner in accordance with a separately issued order. For the University Hospital this is the perfect.

Medical care for foreign students

In life-threatening situations, medical assistance to foreign citizens is provided by the ambulance service (telephone – 03), by any medical institution of the government, including health centers (during working hours). All further examination and treatment of foreign citizens studying at State University is carried out in the presence of a voluntary medical insurance policy as agreed with the insurance company.

Students living in hostels are obliged to provide the head of the hostel with a medical certificate (in any form) with obligatory marks of the general practitioner or general practitioner about the absence of contraindications for living in the dormitory and passing notes fluorography, with such a certificate should be issued no earlier than one month before the day of its submission.

To receive medical care under the policy, students can attach to any clinic (by place of residence, registration, etc.).

To attach to the clinic, you must:

Contact the insurance company to reregister a regional MHI policy to Moscow (if there is a Moscow MHI policy, you do not need to apply; students under 18 years of age must have a legal representative);

  • To apply with a passport and the OMS Moscow policy to the administration of the medical institution for attachment to the service.
  • In the same place, if desired, you can independently undergo a medical examination: 1 time in three years (from the age of 21) or preventive medical examination 1 time in 2 years (from the age of 19).
  • As an attached contingent, students can be served in Polyclinic (without calling a doctor at home), which previously provided our university with medical services in the student’s department.